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Wed 22/06/2016 by Richard Wilkinson
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A pioneer in stone fruit growing in Extremadura, Tany Nature has always been ready to take up new challenges. So, this season new products will be added to its basket, particularly green asparagus, which will maintain the same high quality and availability as the other reference items from January to April with local produce. Great tasting fruit, steady supply and total quality assurance are among key features of the Tany Brand. As reliable suppliers, Tany has earned a reputation of notable prestige throughout Europe, America, the Middle East and Asia.

“Although we produce the highest quality stone fruit and manage to export it to the most far-flung destinations in excellent conditions, we now want to get back to our roots and retrieve the Spanish market,” said market development manager José María Naranjo, a member of the family that has been running Extremadura’s leading fruit business for 25 years. “Despite the crisis, we never stop working,” he said. “Tany’s greatest treasure is the extended family of over 2,600 people who make our project a reality, as thanks to the talent of each one we are able to produce, package and export the best fruit.”

Naranjo also stressed the company’s strong social and environmental commitment. As for the uncertainty surrounding the onset of the stone fruit campaign, due to erratic flowering, the company has managed to handle the selection effectively and avoid problems caused by different fruit calibres. Naranjo is confident Tany will maintain its commitment to the best quality.

“Our customers aren’t in for any surprises. We are a family business with several generations linked to the land; we know our fruit well and know how to work the fields.”

That’s the word of a reliable and committed supplier.

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