Taiwanese pomelos head for Singapore on maiden voyage

Thu 25/08/2022 by Richard Wilkinson
Fresh pomelo, pummelo, grapefruit, shaddock on white cement background in bamboo basket. Copyright: romiximage/Freepik.

Following China’s ban on imports of many Taiwanese agricultural products, exporters have shifted their targets to other markets in the region. This is the case with pomelo, also known as “wendan”, which is for the first time being shipped to Singapore. 

Wei Shengde, director of the Agriculture Department of Yunlin (where the fruit is grown), said that 90% of Taiwan’s pomelos were previously exported to mainland China. The county government has cooperated with Yijiewei Agricultural Products Co., Ltd. to promote its local agricultural products in foreign markets, and cooperated with foreign supermarkets. About 290 boxes and 640 gift boxes of pomelos will be exported to Singapore, with a total weight of around 5.4 tons.

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