Syngenta maintains leadership with pepper genetics, sustainability and resistances

Tue 16/11/2021 by Pierre Escodo - Translation Richard Wilkinson

The “Welcome to the Resistance” programme is a commitment to constantly developing new Syngenta varieties adapted to market trends and changing environment.

Spain’s pepper leader Syngenta has long been introducing resistances into bell pepper varieties. With the largest portfolio of peppers on the market, Syngenta is able to offer varieties for production throughout the year in Almeria and Murcia. A full package of resistances is being introduced every year. In 2021, Syngenta launched 10 new varieties with resistance to powdery mildew and nematodes; these varieties include Saitama, Hokkaido, Sensei, Barrera, Tapioca and Nozomi. The new characteristics and genetic resistances of Syngenta peppers are offering new tools for growers and the market. These technologies help increase crop sustainability in conventional production, as well as in other agricultural systems such as organic and zero-residue production.

Improving sustainability and commercial performance

Syngenta varieties also help reduce carbon footprint and food waste and increase commercial and quality performance. Syngenta is committed to sustainability via its “Good Growth Plan” initiatives, in which the pepper programme plays a major role. The main objectives are to develop new resistances and early varieties, as well as to introduce resistances in other types of pepper.

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