Surinver offers fresh organic products and a convenience range

Thu 28/01/2021 by Richard Wilkinson
Surinver offers fresh organic products and a convenience range

Surinver, an Alicante-based agricultural cooperative dedicated to the production and distribution of fruits and vegetables, is focused on increasing organic production this campaign, while also investing in the expansion of a factory for its convenience range and a new line of pumpkin production. The cooperative has over 400 members, 300 hectares of greenhouses and 1,600 total hectares of production of different vegetables, citrus and conventional and organic fruits. Surinver also has a range of conventional and organic convenience products, with some dedicated to the food service channel. Surinver’s organic assortment is registering very positive results, with an increase of 31% in turnover compared to last year.

“For us, it is essential to guarantee the highest quality in the products we supply, as well as the best care in the field. For this, we have a quality system that guarantees products from the selection of the seed to the delivery of the product, passing through strict controls to ensure maximum quality and the efficient use of resources,” said Mª Dolores López Ruiz, of the department of marketing.

Surinver’s facilities are located on an area of land of 103,000 m2, with an efficient air-conditioning system to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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