Surge in Spaniards’ consumption of exotic and tropical fruits

Avocado, mango and papaya will soon cease to be considered exotic in Spain due to their exponential growth driven by healthy eating trends.
Fri 20/01/2023 by Gloria Zorrilla
Andres Freire, marketing and communications manager, together with Manuel Pérez, of Reyes Gutierrez
Victor Folk, marketing manager, and Pablo Teutsch, salesperson at Frutas Montosa
Susi Bonet, commercial director of the Cambayas cooperative, which produces pomegranate
Santiago García Medina, head of fruit production at Cabildo de Gran Canaria
Reyes Gutierrez continues to focus on avocado from Malaga

Although Spain has seen a 30% drop in its avocado crop, Reyes Gutierrez’s sauces are the business area that has provided the greatest satisfaction. “We have launched a very attractive new design for our avocado mix, giving its a much more ‘gourmet’ touch, changing the transparent jar for an all-black one. The style is more elegant and the plastic material allows the consumer to recycle it in the yellow container,” said Andres Freire, marketing and communications manager. “We have also changed all of our avocado and mango boxes and continue exporting across Europe.”

Cambayas produces own pomegranates

Since 1979, Cambayas has produced and marketed fruit in the area south of Alicante. “We are part of the PDO Pomegranate Mollar de Elche, known as Europe’s pomegranate capital since it concentrates 75% of total production,” said commercial director Susi Bonet. “Our pomegranate has very soft seeds that are hardly noticeable and offers a characteristic sweetness. This year, we’ve been heavily affected by the weather and there will be a significant reduction in supply. The trees have not adapted well to weather changes such as unseasonal rain and frosts.” The cooperative spans more than 300 farmers and over 1,200 ha in the Elche region, 500 ha of which are of pomegranate. In addition to Spain, the pomegranate is in high demand in the UAE, Canada and the Far East.

Cabildo de Gran Canaria seeks investors for tropical production

Cabildo de Gran Canaria is diversifying its production of tropical fruits on the island, with the addition of “fruits such as papaya and maracuyá varieties from Brazil,” said Santiago García Medina, head of the fruit section of the firm’s experimental farm. “The problem we have on our farm is that passion fruit needs pollination and its flowers only open after 3pm. Nevertheless, we have a very productive variety. In addition, we are experimenting with 8 papaya varieties with a view to exports. Right now, papaya and tropical fruit production area is far less than it should be, given the climate we have in the Canary Islands. This is why the government is now offering disused land to international investors who want to invest on the island.”

Frutas Montosa targets foodies

“Prepared from hand-cut fresh avocados, Montosa’s Native Smashed Avocado uses its HHP system to offer a texture that features chunks of avocado, as if the consumer had cut them in their own kitchen,” said Victor Folk, head of marketing. The product comes in a practical 150 g jar in two flavours: classic and spicy. This new product underlines Frutas Montosa’s continued commitment to the world of gastronomy.

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