Summer fruit consumption in Italy up 20%

The baking summer heat has driven a sharp rise in consumption of fruit and vegetables in recent days, with an average increase of 20%. The soaring temperatures are also favouring ripening processes and the arrival on the market of a wider range of fruit and vegetables (source: Coldiretti).
Tue 11/10/2022 by Gabriele Orsi
Gilda, Granfrutta Zani’s new red pulp nectarine
Andrea Badursi, Asso Fruit Italia president
Kordia cherries from Sanifrutta
Elodi, the new extra-sweet strawberry from Valfrutta

Granfrutta Zani presents Gilda, the red pulp nectarine

“This year we have launched Gilda, a new red pulp nectarine with a high Brix level. It consists of a range of six varieties derived from the French cultivar Nectavigne, whose characteristic is an intense red colouring of the skin and a reddish pulp. The wide variety range allows us to extend production from the end of July until the end of September,” said Antonio Zani of the firm’s sales department. Meanwhile, Granfrutta Zani continues to enhance Metis, the apricot-plum hybrid, with an expected crop of 5,000 tons from the end of June. A new variety is being added to extend the season until the end of November.

Valfrutta Fresco presents Dolcezza Italiana, the super-sweet strawberry

The firm has enriched the range of strawberries in its “Le Specialità” line, consisting of 100% Made in Italy products grown in the most suitable areas: “Dolcezza Italiana is our new excellent-tasting strawberry for the premium segment. Produced from the Elodì variety, it has a bright red colour, a firm pulp, excellent consistency and resistance to handling. Its high degree of Brix guarantees great sweetness and an intense aroma, which recalls that of wild strawberries,” said manager Stefano Soli.

Asso Fruit Italia focuses on sustainable stone fruit

Asso Fruit Italia is investing in quality and sustainable stone fruit for the summer season of 2022: “Nectarines, peaches, apricots and cherries are among the most representative summer stone fruits in the Asso Fruit Italia basket. The companies associated with our producer organisation have reached high levels of specialisation combined with advanced and sustainable production techniques, all aspects that contribute to the good positioning of our products on the markets,” said president Andrea Badursi. Being competitive today means knowing how to stand out and be remembered by consumers who are increasingly attentive to origin and good agricultural practices.

Sanifrutta presents the first Final cherries

The first quantities of Sanifrutta’s Final cherries are ready for the market, with four varieties available from early July. “Our cherry development project started in 2014 together with the Joinfruit PO, which our cooperative is part of. The aim is to increase area and research the most interesting varieties,” said Alex Tallone, a technician at Joinfruit. “This year we will see the first commercial production of the varieties of the Cerasina group, namely Final 10, 11, 12 and 13, which ripen gradually from the beginning of July for about three consecutive weeks: volumes will still be limited until next season, but we have very high expectations,” said Joinfruit commercial manager Alessio Chiabrando.

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