StePac moves towards leaner and greener packaging solutions

Thu 03/11/2022 by Gloria Zorrilla
The StePac executive team at Fruit Logistica 2022

StePac aims to empower customers with its automated packing solutions by enabling them to make the transition from manual to faster and more efficient automatised processes. “Food is packed as quickly as possible in order to preserve all its nutritional properties and freshness,” said StePac communication manager Hila Nagel. One of the firm’s key products is the Xflow™ roll-stock film, used for packing bulk produce in vertical and horizontal form via fill-and-seal production lines, which are known to increase operational efficiency and food safety. It is widely used in Peru, Chile and the US for packaging green beans, onions, cherries and blueberries, both loose and in trays. Another core product is the Xgo™ lidding film, which extends the shelf life of fresh fruits and ready-to-eat salads. All products contain antifog properties and can be modified to provide optimal modified atmospheric conditions for prevailing temperature-time profiles.

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