Steady rise of New Zealand’s apple 

Wed 04/12/2019 by Richard WIlkinson
Steady rise of New Zealand’s apple 

New Zealand’s apple production and exports continue to rise. The 2019/20 apple crop is expected to be up 3.7% to 598,000 tons, according to FAS/Wellington data, while exports are estimated to rise 4% to 405,000 tons. This follows a 6% increase in the 2018/2019 campaign. Around 68% of New Zealand’s apples are exported as fresh apples, mainly to the Asian markets. The growth in crop size is due to new plantings expanding by 3-4% each year, with the country’s apple production area currently standing at 10,180 hectares. Future growth may be constrained by the lack of suitable land with access to irrigation in the main apple-growing region, Hawkes Bay, as well as new environmental regulations that should increase operating costs.

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