SPAR Gran Canaria partners with local government to support farming sector

Thu 09/04/2020 by Richard Wilkinson

SPAR Gran Canaria has partnered with the local government (El Cabildo) to create a Programme of Support for local farmers and producers affected by the current pandemic. To mitigate the impact of the closure of hotels and restaurants and the resulting surpluses, SPAR Gran Canaria is directly helping producers in the management and sale of local produce.

During this exceptional state of alarm, SPAR Gran Canaria has committed itself to supporting local communities through its Me Gusta (I like it) initiative. As part of this initiative, SPAR purchases the volume of product it can sell from the surplus of fresh produce that farmers, cheesemakers, and other local producers have available.

SPAR Gran Canaria’s fruit and vegetable logistics centre supports farmers keen to offer fresh local products which meet the quality standards required by the chain. SPAR also encourages its customers to consume fresh produce to support the numerous families working in the sector as well as a healthy lifestyle.

SPAR Gran Canaria president, Ángel Medina, said that SPAR has always supported the sector and that he hopes this philosophy will also be transferred to other brands operating on the Canary Islands in these critical times.

Antonio Morales, president of Gran Canaria’s local government, stressed that this extraordinary support programme in close collaboration with SPAR Gran Canaria will help prevent that the output of many families is wasted. He stated that the collective efforts are already showing results in a crisis of this magnitude.

Among the local producers being supported are the Coparlita Cooperative, San Nicolás, a cooperative of eight members representing 20 families. The cooperative has benefitted from the sale of almost 17,000 kg papaya surplus to SPAR. This has allowed the cooperative to retain its team of employees.

Another beneficiary is Carmen Estupiñán, responsible for the artisan cheese factory El Parral, Ingenio, on which 12 families depend. SPAR Gran Canaria has bought a greater quantity of cheeses from this producer and is also promoting them instore.

Producers interested in contacting SPAR Gran Canaria can do so by email at

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