Spanish production estimates indicate larger potato and apple crops

Wed 04/12/2019 by Richard Wilkinson

The overall Spanish potato crop is expected to be 11.3% larger this season, according to data published by the country’s Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. Mid-season volumes are up 10.5% from last season, while late varieties also increased by +8.5%.  As for onions, ”babosa” varieties are down 0.3%, while “grano” varieties are up 7.0%. Spain’s summer tomato production is up 13.3% (including fruit for processing). Meanwhile, Spain’s watermelon crop is up 10.9%, and carrots are up 1%, pumpkin (-3-3%), melon (-3.1%) and aubergine (-3%) are all down. As for other fruits, apple production is up 17.9%, while the pear will be 5.8% smaller.  The peach crop is relatively stable (+0.5%) in the latest estimate.

Source: Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries

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