Spanish fruit and vegetable exports increase by 3%

Spanish fruit and vegetable exports grew 3% last year, to 11.9 million tons, with a value up 6.3% to just over €14 billion, according to Fepex (the Spanish Association of Producers and Exporters of Fruit and Vegetables). Spain’s imports also rose, by 6% to 3.2 million tons, figures from the Customs and Excise Department show.
Fri 24/06/2022 by Maria Belen Barbini
Eduard Vilà Gelabert, Baldiri Vilà
Lorenzo Carrasco, Central Dica S.A.
Fruits Ràfols’ Fragaria strawberries have once again won the Flavour of the Year Award.
The Hermanos Fernandez team at the comapny’s stand in Mercabarna (Barcelona).

EFD178_MARK_SPAIN_Importers_Mercabarna_INTRO_ITWS_LEV1_BALDIRIVILA.JPG” style=”” swyp_id=”LQ28656250C” title=”EFD178_MARK_SPAIN_Importers_Mercabarna_INTRO_ITWS_LEV1_BALDIRIVILA.JPGBaldiri Vilà triples its stalls in Mercabarna

Baldiri Vilà, with 25 years of experience, offers more than 50 types of fresh fruits and vegetable at Mercabarna. The company has expanded from two stalls to six in recent months. The main objective of this expansion is to offer its clients more products and services, as well as to be able to fully display its wide product portfolio. Eduard Vilà Gelabert, manager of the company, said: “We now have a new section for widely consumed products, such as potatoes, onions and garlic, as well as fresh leeks and beets and a range of clementines and oranges with leaves.” The company’s next project is focused on exports.

EFD178_MARK_SPAIN_Importers_Mercabarna_INTRO_ITWS_LEV1_FRUITS_RAFOLS.jpg” style=”” swyp_id=”LQ28650272C” title=”EFD178_MARK_SPAIN_Importers_Mercabarna_INTRO_ITWS_LEV1_FRUITS_RAFOLS.jpgFruits Ràfols wins Flavour of the Year Award, again

This year, the Fragaria strawberry, launched by Fruits Ràfols four years ago, has won the prestigious Flavour of the Year Award for the second consecutive year. This recognition comes after a “blind tastng”, where Fragaria obtained a 9.11 overall satisfaction score after evaluations of its taste, appearance and texture. “We are proud and happy because the award shows that consumers are choosing Fragaria as a result of our solid joint efforts across the whole chain,” said human resources manager Helena Ràfols. The Fragaria brand was created with the aim of offering consumers a high-quality, large-sized strawberry that is a natural-red colour and has a consistent texture. Although production is very limited, Fruits Ràfols expects to increase sales by 20% this year to reach 250,000 kg. Fragaria is distributed throughout Spain and exported to countries such as France, Italy and Bulgaria.

EFD178_MARK_SPAIN_Importers_Mercabarna_INTRO_ITWS_LEV1_CENTRAL_DICA.jpg” style=”” swyp_id=”LQ28652303C” title=”EFD178_MARK_SPAIN_Importers_Mercabarna_INTRO_ITWS_LEV1_CENTRAL_DICA.jpgCentral Dica consolidates new image

The importer and marketer of fruits and vegetables located in Barcelona’s Mercabarna ​​has merged all of its companies (Fruica SA, Lorenfruit SA and Dica Pak SA), with the exception of Little Holland (260 ha in Cádiz, specialising in tubers and winter vegetables). The new structure gives greater agility and allows for enhanced synergies. Marketing manager Lorenzo Carrasco said that pending projects should be completed this year such as the digitilisation of its warehouses. In recent months, the firm has experienced a surge in demand  for its products online, but Central Dica continues to develop its marketing in all distribution channels. It has also enjoyed strong growth in Asian markets, such as Singapore, Malaysia and the UAE, as well as in Africa.

EFD178_MARK_SPAIN_Importers_Mercabarna_INTRO_ITWS_LEV1_HERMANOS_FERNANDEZ.jpg” style=”” swyp_id=”LQ28656264C” title=”EFD178_MARK_SPAIN_Importers_Mercabarna_INTRO_ITWS_LEV1_HERMANOS_FERNANDEZ.jpgHermanos Fernández focuses on consolidation

Hermanos Fernández is among the largest fruit and vegetable wholesale distributors in Spain, with two warehouses located in Mercabarna and a third, dedicated exclusively to organic products, located in Mercabarna’s Biomarket. With annual sales of 230,000 tons, its range spans over 100 kinds of fruits and vegetables from all over the world, adapting the product to the format that clients require. The company’s specialisation in each product in its range has made it a benchmark supplier to the main supermarkets and for the retail sector overall. Montse Montané, head of marketing, said: “By combining several different sources, we are able to offer products year round, as is the case with bananas, mangoes, avocados, citrus, kiwis, apples, pears, etc.” In addition, the company has developed its own brands to market a whole range of products throughout the year. 

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