Spain’s fruit exports rebound in June

Tue 31/08/2021 by Richard Wilkinson

After months of decline, Spain’s fruit exports were up 22% Y-O-Y in June 2021. According to Fepex, fruit exports in June 2021 totalled almost 900,000 tons and were worth €962 million. The main increases were in shipments of strawberries (16,841 tons, +54%), and blueberries (22,246 tons, +132%), as well as watermelons (266,597 tons, +30%) and stone fruit, with the exception of peach and apricot, which continue to be affected by the adverse weather conditions suffered in previous months. Nectarine exports totalled 76,560 tons (+13%), plums reached 15,530 tons (+20%) and cherry volumes soared by 150% to 24,140 tons, after a disastrous 2020 campaign.

Meanwhile, vegetable exports were down by 4% in volume compared to the same period in 2020, but grew by 2% in value to €329 million. Tomato sales totalled 25,095 tons (+8%), peppers reached 38,616 tons (+13%), carrots were at 28,369 tons (+27%), and lettuce exports totalled 19,281 tons (+8%).


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