Spain’s agri-food exports climb in value but fall in volume 

Wed 10/05/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

The value of Spanish agri-food exports in 2022 totalled €66.9bn, up 13.2% compared to the previous year. This increase in value is largely due to high inflation, with food prices rising by 15.7%. By volume, agri-food exports fell by 6%, with a drop of 11.5% in fruit and vegetables, according to a Cajamar report.

The agri-food trade balance had a surplus of over €13bn, making it a key sector for the country. However, compared with the agri-food exports of the other European Union members, Spain’s growth was surpassed by France (+13.2%) and Germany (+16.8%). 

In terms of destination markets, once again there was a fall in shipments to China, which fell by 29% from the previous year, due to the collapse of pork sales after China’s local herd recovered from the swine fever outbreak.

The destination markets that generated the best results for Spanish exports in 2022 were France, +€1.1bn (+12%); Italy €930m (+16%); and Portugal +€763m (+24%), as well as the US +€661m (+27%), Japan +€310m (+30%) and the Philippines €244m (+54%).


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