Spain to ban the sale of fruits and vegetables in plastic containers from 2023

Tue 28/09/2021 by Richard Wilkinson

The Spanish government has announced a ban on sales of fruit and vegetables in plastic containers in retail firms from 2023. The step is among others aimed at cutting the use of plastics and reducing waste. The ruling also contains measures to encourage the sale of bulk and non-bottled water.

The ban on plastic packaging of fruit and vegetables will apply to lots weighing less than one and a half kilograms. The Spanish Executive said that it seeks to combat the overuse of packaging. The move follows campaigns from NGOs under the slogan “bare the fruit” aimed at pressuring small businesses and large supermarkets to stop plasticising these fresh products. The ban is similar to the one contained in the French anti-waste law, which will enter into force in that country in 2022.

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