South Korea: Connecting trade channels with the right information

Fri 28/02/2020 by Yzza Ibrahim
South Korea: Connecting trade channels with the right information
Anna Hommel, Marketing Associate at Tridge // Photo credit: Yzza Ibrahim

With data intelligence, Tridge is making the global food trading industry trustworthy and sustainably connected


One of the challenges in the agriculture and food industry is finding the right business partner. This is the sole purpose of Tridge – to be able to connect buyers with suppliers backed with the right information. The platform provides market intelligence such as news and seasonal trends about the food sector. In addition to this, it also enables buyers to touch base with verified suppliers through the company’s own big data management system and a network of local experts from across the globe.

Not only can subscribers find the right trading partner, but a wide array of market research is also available to help businesses make informed decisions. On top of their supplier database, Tridge can provide data on import and export, pricing data, country-specific trends and analysis, and the latest market events.

Like many other platforms, Tridge works on a subscription model. There are different subscription offerings that a client can choose from depending on the needs of the company. At present, Tridge has 74,000 verified suppliers from all over the world with visitors reaching 200,000 per month. Because of this, purchase requests have reached a level of 1,400 per month, triggering the company to expand its operations. The company’s top markets include India, the US, and Turkey. They are growing fast, however, in Africa and cite South Asia and Latin America as their core regions.

Established in 2015, Tridge is a Seoul-based food trading platform with a global clientele across more than 150 countries. It continues to expand its network to reach more B2B players, enabling more companies to do business with each other in a more data-driven and seamless way.


For inquiries: Anna Hommel; TRIDGE; +82-2-6674-5517, +822-6674-6600;;




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