Siciliy’s citrus campaign at risk

The 2022 citrus campaign in Sicily is in jeopardy, with Fruitimprese Sicilia sounding the alarm after a meeting with local companies. “Costs of energy, gas, transport and labour are out of control. In such conditions, it is highly probable that citrus fruits will remain on trees,” said the organisation’s president, Placido Manganaro.
Tue 29/11/2022 by Gabriele Orsi
Bioagricola Fratelli Solarino has launched a new pack with four organic New Hall oranges.
The Parlapiano brand supplies the Paradiso Vanilla-type and Ribera PDO oranges.
Organic primo fiore Sicilian lemons by Fratelli Vinaccia, formerly known as La Costiera

Bioagricola F.lli Solarino launches pack of four New Hall organic oranges

Bioagricola F.lli Solarino has been producing oranges exclusively from organic farming since 1996: “We have launched a new four-fruit pack of our New Hall variety of oranges. This type of orange has a low content of limonin, is non-astringent and is easily digestible. Each fruit is individually stamped to make it fully traceable and enclosed in very eye-catching packaging made of compostable cardboard and featuring watercolours of characteristic motifs relating to Sicily,” said sales manager Monica Solarino. Currently, about 50 ha of citrus groves have been planted with organic oranges, 90% of which is destined for European markets such as Germany, France, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Benelux and Eastern Europe.

Parlapiano enhances Paradiso, the sweet vanilla-like orange

Parlapiano continues to add value to its quality oranges from southern Sicily to carve out new spaces in the market: “The Vanilla orange is exclusively found in our area near Agrigento, and we market it under the Paradiso brand. It is a seedless, particularly sweet orange, with a practically zero level of acidity and therefore suitable even for those who prefer citrus fruits with a less sour taste. Alongside Vanilla, we are continuing to enhance our Ribera Orange, the only one in Europe to be certified PDO. We produce about 70% of the total volumes,” said marketing manager Paolo Parlapiano. The fruit is still largely destined for the domestic market, although Parlapiano is constantly looking for new opportunities, especially in the main markets of central and northern Europe.

Fratelli Vinaccia expects a good year for Sicilian primo fiore lemons

Fratelli Vinaccia forecasts a profitable year for Sicilian primo fiore lemons, whose harvest is starting now: “At the start of the campaign in Sicily, we cannot fail to note the very positive signs. Despite the high temperatures last summer, the fruit has resisted well and it has developed a good size and a satisfactory colour. We hope these aspects will improve even further with the lowering of temperatures. As always, we will supply both conventional fruit (in traditional 6, 9 and 15 kg baskets and nets) and organic fruit (available in recycled cardboard packaging),” said Valentina Sanna, overseas sales manager. The fruit is mainly destined for the larger markets of Northern and Central Europe and the Middle East.


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