Seminar on Asia-Pacific food contact legislation

Tue 30/06/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
Seminar on Asia-Pacific food contact legislation, copyright. The Italian Institute of Packaging

The Italian Institute of Packaging is promoting a series of training sessions on 29-30 July 2020 on the main legislation in force on the Asian market covering food contact materials and articles. The series of sessions begins with an overview of the legislation in Asian countries and on future trends. This will be followed by a detailed session focusing in depth on four countries: India, Japan, China and Korea.

There will be an extensive examination of the themes of greatest interest for regulatory affairs of each state: regulatory framework, individual substrate regulation (plastic, elastomers, metals, coatings, inks, adhesives), new substance approval process, supply chain and certification requirements. Each session will conclude with a debate on the themes expounded and will leave extensive space for questions and answers from the participants.

The two days will close with a final session in which the speakers will delineate a comparison between the four nations examined during the seminar, underlining similarities and differences.

The event can only be attended via webinar.

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