Save the date: South American Blueberry Convention on 21st April

Thu 09/12/2021 by Richard Wilkinson

The South American Blueberry Convention will take place in Sun Monticello in Chile on 21st April 2022, where it will bring together members of the global blueberry industry, with a focus on Argentina, Chile, Peru and Uruguay.

Blueberry production in the Southern Cone has grown exponentially in recent decades. Today, approximately 60% of blueberry exports come from Argentina, Chile, Peru and Uruguay.

The world variables that affect these countries are the same, which means that, in some way, their destinies are united. Hence the importance of generating an event that brings together the main actors in this region and provides key information that producers, exporters and suppliers require.

The event is a unique opportunity to collect, learn and share information on the challenges and opportunities that affect the South American blueberry industry.

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