Sant’Orsola celebrates Christmas with a virtual Advent Calendar

Mon 21/12/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
Sant’Orsola celebrates Christmas with a virtual Advent Calendar © Sant’Orsola

Sant’Orsola celebrates Christmas with recipes for blueberry, raspberry, blackberry and red currant delicacies until Christmas Eve in a virtual Advent Calendar, and there will also be a big surprise for the New Year’s Eve. But not just recipes. On each day of the calendar you will be able to discover useful tips, games, music and sports activities, all in the Christmas theme. To enter the magical Christmas world of the small fruits of Sant’Orsola, just click with the smartphone on the QR code placed on each 125 grams pack and immediately, as if by magic, the Advent Calendar appears, day after day, until Thursday 24th of December, all to be discovered. Every day a click on the dedicated box and a recipe appears, simple and practical, conceived by the chef and designed by the Sant’Orsola food stylist. A click on the second box and games for the youngest appear, and so on, always discovering new surprises. For those who love to decorate the house and the Xmas tree, choose the suitable colours and what is needed for the preparation of the Christmas lunch or the composition of special greeting cards, the Sant’Orsola Advent calendar is full of advice. And there is no shortage of articles in a dedicated blog, while the little ones find games fun and easy. A list of themed music allows a wide freedom of choice, the sounds are caressing and festive. And those who feel weighed down by the delicacies of Advent and Christmas, can burn off superfluous calories by practicing the sports activities recommended in special dedicated tables.

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