Russia to end reliance on imported potato

Wed 23/05/2018 by Richard Wilkinson
patata russia

With the on-going sanctions limiting Russia’s imports, the country is reshaping its domestic potato production so that the country no longer has to rely on the world to provide its French fries. In 2017, Russia imported 94% of its French fries but has now invested in the necessary equipment to produce it locally, according to Sergey Korolev, head of Russia’s National Horticultural Union. With the market demand currently for around 106,000 tons annually, the new equipment has the capacity to produce 110,000 tons.

“This will also contribute to the preservation of jobs at newly established processing enterprises, and will increase the safety and quality of the product,” said Korolev.

Large firms like McDonalds are also turning to locally sourced production, which until now was not considered of high enough quality. This also ensures greater economic stability in the face of currency volatility, fluctuating oil prices and foreign sanctions.

Meanwhile, the Russian Government is considering a bill proposing a complete ban or restriction on agricultural products, raw materials and food products originating in the US or other countries that support the US sanctions.

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