Row brewing between French apple sector and Carrefour 

French apple association ANPP has decried the presence of Polish apples on Carrefour shelves, viewing it as a dismissal of recent demands for more sustainable pricing from retailers, amidst the crisis currently being experienced in the French apple sector.
Tue 28/02/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

Last month saw a protest by French growers, who uprooted their own apple trees due to the unsustainable pricing, demanding that retailers raise the value of the fruit by €0.20/kg.

In a statement, ANPP said: “The Carrefour brand has dismissed the call, leaving growers feeling “scandalised”. The association is now calling on the management of Carrefour to stop what it terms “unfair” imports while French apple growers are facing an unprecedented increase in charges and a very difficult economic situation.”

ANPP noted that a 2kg bag of Polish Golden or Gala is being sold at €2.99, which is “more expensive than the price of a 2kg bag of French apples in most other stores”.


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