Rijk Zwaan’s crunchy lettuce, a revolutionary concept

For years, Rijk Zwaan has been working closely with partners to market its crunchy lettuce.
Mon 07/11/2022 by Pierre Escodo
The crunchy lettuce team of Jimbo Fresh in the field with Rijk Zwaan's product managers

One partner and a big fan of this lettuce type is Miguel Ángel Jiménez Bosque, JimboFresh International SL. CEO, who said: “Snack lettuce is a revolutionary concept, an ideal form of snack consumption that invites you to lead a healthier life and at the same time turns lettuce into a fun experience.”

Target markets for product promotions

The target markets for JimboFresh are currently Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Finland and the UK, in addition to the Spanish market. The target channels are mainly supermarket chains. “We are aiming to replace the conventional mini cos lettuce in favour of the snack lettuce,” Jimenez said. If this shift can be achieved, it will create a very important niche with endless possibilities for the eating experience.

JimboFresh sends samples and encourages retailers to promote the product by providing support materials such as roll-up banners and advertising stickers. A special flow-pack was created with information and recipes. Snack lettuce is also promoted through tasting sessions, featuring different toppings at the main trade fairs. A collaboration has also started with leading social media influencers and chefs. Recipes and more tips are made available at www.lechugasnack.es. “When it comes to promotion and marketing, we are doing everything we can in order to boost the product,” Jimenez said.

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