Retailers shift advertising strategies amid pandemic

Thu 14/05/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
us vegetables

The shape of grocery advertising has changed over the past month as the sector adjusts to a new reality. The latest USDA Retail Report shows that while advertising of agri-food products is down, US retailers are increasingly using flyers, with the volume up 6%. But 13% of the surveyed stores reported having no ads specifically as a result of COVID-19.

However, what advertising there is focuses increasingly in fresh produce, perhaps reflecing the public’s specific health concerns. New York chain Tops Friendly Markets’ director of produce and floral, Jeff Cady, said, “It opened opportunity for more produce due to the fact that our supply chain is operating at a high level. We have been asked almost every week, so far, to add additional items to the front page of the ad. We work with the suppliers and guarantee supply as we always do, and then execute.”

Around 56% of all advertising was for fruit, with 40% dedicated to vegetables, and onions and potatoes comprising 3%, followed by herbs and ornamentals.

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