Record exports of Brazil’s orange juice

Mon 20/08/2018 by Richard Wilkinson
naranja brasil

Brazil closed the 2017/18 orange harvest with a 29% increase fruit juice exports, thanks largely to the internal problems in the US market, thus setting a new record. According to data from Secex (International Commerce Secretariat), Brazil exported a total of 1.15 million tons of orange juice concentrate compared to 894.6 thousand tons from the previous harvest. The South American giant’s growing season for oranges is from July of one year until June of the next.

Around 315,000 tons were shipped to the US alone, representing an increase of 83% over the 172,700 tons of the previous year. The US imported more juice this year due to Hurricane Irma, which resulted in destruction to fields. Additionally, in the previous cycle year, Brazil had exported less due to a lower harvest.


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