Provid Peru joins SHAFFE

Wed 01/06/2022 by Richard Wilkinson

Fulfilling its objectives of expanding its membership and consolidating its position as the representative of fresh fruit exports from the Southern Hemisphere, SHAFFE has announced the incorporation of a new organisation, Provid Peru.

“We are very happy to be adding more and more representative bodies as well as countries to our association. We recently added Zimbabwe and now we are welcoming Provid, the Peruvian Table Grape Producers Association. This shows that the work we have done to date is important and reflects the needs of the Southern Hemisphere,” said Nelli Hajdu, Secretary General of SHAFFE.

The addition of Provid to SHAFFE’s expanding membership was announced by Provid during a meeting with SHAFFE on the 18th May 2022.

“We participated in a board meeting of AGAP, the Association of Agricultural Producers Guilds of Peru, where we explained the work that SHAFFE is conducting together with the Global Coalition of Fresh Produce in addressing global cost hikes in logistics and supply chain disruptions”, Charif Christian Carvajal, current SHAFFE President and representative of ASOEX highlighted after the meeting.

He added that the Peruvian fruit sector as well as those in other countries in the Southern Hemisphere are prioritizing looking for proactive solution finding to tackle the key issues along the supply chain, which currently impede the economic viability of fresh produce exports. 

Carvajal said: “During this meeting, Provid, a trade association that is part of AGAP, confirmed its interest to join SHAFFE, which we welcomed positively and with great pleasure. During the SHAFFE presidency term 2021-23 we have been growing the number of partners involved in our organisation, as addressing issues jointly with a common approach will facilitate solution finding which is to the benefit of the entire industry. The addition of Provid Peru to SHAFFE’s membership will strengthen the table grape representation within the organisation and complete global trade perspectives on this leading commodity, which currently comprises 17% of all Southern Hemisphere fresh fruit exports with a market value of US$3 billion.”


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