Protests by farmworkers in Peru

Tue 08/12/2020
Protests by farmworkers in Peru © Samantha Hara (Flickr)
© Samantha Hara (Flickr)


Protests by farmworkers in Peru’s southern region of Ica are impacting the country’s agri-food exports. Last week, hundreds of protestors blocked the strategic Pan-American motorway to demand higher pay, better working conditions and the repeal of the Agrarian Promotion Law. The Agrarian Promotion Law has led to deteriorating employment rights and tax benefits for agricultural export activity. 

The regulation authorises the hiring of personnel for the agricultural industry through intermediary companies. Protesters said that they were receiving salaries below what was established by law due to illegal practices by intermediary companies.

In the past week, there have been strikes, mobilisations, road blockades and damage to property of companies such as Agrokasa, Beta and Miranda. There have been widespread protests across Peru in recent weeks following the removal of President Martín Vizcarra. The  Peruvian Government reported that a high-level delegation would arrive in Ica to establish dialogue and listen to the  demands.

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