Sol de Badajoz protects crops with mesh

Mon 30/05/2022 by Gloria Zorrilla
Eurofresh Distribution

“We have made a very heavy investment in the field to be able to cover all of our production with mesh to protect it from both inclement weather, such as hail and strong storms that can damage trees. The mesh also acts like a blanket when wrapped around the tree and can reduce the spread of diseases by mosquitoes. We can also bring our harvest forward as the mesh raises the temperature by about 2 degrees Celsius, which gives us fruit with a better appearance, colour and quality,” said Jose Antonio Gomes Pereira, commercial manager of Sol de Badajoz. The company plans to produce 50-55 million kg this season of a wide range of peach, nectarine and plum varieties. The firm has also introduced persimmons and pomegranates to ensure a greater global presence.

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