Promising season in store for Pink Lady ®

Wed 07/10/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
Promising season in store for Pink Lady ®

The 2020/2021 season promises to be a successful one for Pink Lady®, with a forecast of 190,000 tons, or nearly +19% compared to the previous year. This growth of 30,000 tons should make it possible to meet the recruitment objective and to be in the top 3 in terms of market share in the main European markets, all apples combined.

While awaiting the harvest scheduled for the end of October, it is time for the leaf stripping and pruning in green to allow a fair balance between vegetation and fruit. The hot, sunny days and the cool nights help the apple to colour, which promises fruit of exceptional quality! The diversity of the soils makes it possible to obtain a balanced oar with probably a 70/80 majority this year.

This next season promises to be rich in strategic developments, including:

– The launch of the new Pink Lady® communication campaign, with a device in two waves of new TV spots for the season launch and on Valentine’s Day. A TV campaign broadcast in 12 countries which plans to reach more than 250 million contacts;

– Deployment of the commitment charter covering the 3 pillars of sustainable development, the environment, the social and the economy, with 14 key objectives to support the development of the sector by 2030;

– New eco-designed packaging, fully recyclable, which will arrive on the shelves as soon as season starts;

– Ever more innovative marketing operations to allow brands to use mechanisms that combine performance and proximity, with the development of operations such as Adopt a Tree, Bee Pink, Pink Cooks, etc.

– A new partnership for Pinkids®, which will take on the colours of the famous animated film The Trolls, thanks to personalised packaging, dedicated in-store operations, as well as a strengthened digital presence.

“The seasonal context, the quantitative and qualitative potential of production, our new communication campaign, marketing projects, and a brand reputation reinforced by strong exposure of our commitment charter should all allow us to consolidate our leadership position in the Premium apples market in Europe,” said Thierry Mellenotte, CEO of Pink Lady® Europe.

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