Positive and negative trends of FMCG retailers in Russia

Tue 09/03/2021 by RIchard Wilkinson
Positive and negative trends of FMCG retailers in Russia_InfoLine

The pandemic and connected crisis negatively influenced most formats of trade in Russia. Many FMCG stores were closed. Thus, the total number of hypermarkets decreased by 68 outlets in 2020; hypermarkets share makes up less than 20% now (among top-200 FMCG retailers).

At the same time, the results of the retailers developing online sales and delivery services were positive (the case of Metro C&C and Lenta), as well as of those who converted non-profit formats into rewarding ones. For example, X5 Retail Group and Magnit converted 25 hypermarkets each into supermarkets.

The chart below illustrates the closure of the largest retailers’ hypermarkets (stores number and trade area, thousand m2).


Source: InfoLine analytic agency

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