Poland: world’s tenth largest importer

In 2020, Poland imported 2.5 million tons and exported 1.7 million tons of fresh fruit and vegetables, making the country the world’s 10th largest importer and 19th largest exporter.
Fri 10/12/2021 by María Belén Barbini
Portrait of Anna Jerema-Kuźniar. Photo credits: Green Best.
Anna Jerema-Kuźniar, sales manager of Green Best.

Green Best increased interest in Polish capsicum and cauliflower

Based in south-east Poland, Green Best focuses on selling vegetables to the EU. The firm offers the best prices for fresh Polish vegetables, with its main exports being cauliflower, capsicum and tomato. Indeed, demand for capsicum and cauliflower from Poland has increased noticeably in the past 3 seasons. Green Best sells directly to wholesalers and supermarket chains, and also cooperates with shipping companies to offer deliveries of goods directly from the farmer to the customer’s warehouse. The firm’s marketing strategy is tailored to the needs and expectations of its clients.

“We do everything to make our clients feel confident that cooperation with our company will provide them with a well-made transaction. We focus on long-term cooperation, as proven by the extensive partnerships with most of our clients,” said Anna Jarema-Kuźniar, sales manager at Green Best.

The company has a sales office, and its partner farmers all have the necessary certificates and tests for their crops. Ethics in trade is very important to Green Best.

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