Peruvian avocado exports soar 26% higher

Wed 13/03/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
Peruvian avocado exports soar 26% higher

Peru’s avocado exports set a new record in 2018, reaching US$800 million, up 26% on 2017, according data published by the Lima Chamber of Commerce. Peru sends avocados to 35 destinations, the main one being the Netherlands, with US$275 million, followed by the US, with US$191 million, and Spain, with US$111 million. Since 2008, the country’s avocado exports have increased almost ten-fold, from US$84.8 million, having gained access to many markets, such as China, Costa Rica, South Korea, Belgium, Russia, Australia, Portugal New Zealand, the UAE and India.

Monica Chavez of Peru’s Chamber of Commerce said, “With these results, Peruvian avocados are demonstrating that they are not just a fashionable product, but part of a consumption trend in the most demanding international markets. The growing external demand has led to avocados being exported both as a fresh product as well as frozen, purée, salsas, oils and more.”

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