Peru’s exotic fruit exports surge

Thu 07/04/2022
Mercado en Lima, Perú. Copyright Luis Jordan

Shipments of exotic Peruvian fruits abroad were worth around US$13.4 million in 2021, an increase of 46.2% compared to 2020, according to the Centre for Research in Economics and Global Business of the Exporters Association (CIEN-ADEX). According to the report ‘Exotic Fruits: evolution of the national and world market’, leading the way was passion fruit with (US$6.7 million), followed by aguaymanto (US$3.7 million) (dehydrated, frozen and canned). In third place was lucuma (US$1.6 million (pulp and frozen), followed by cherimoya (US$689,000) (pulp and fresh). Other exotic fruits included camu camu, granadilla, aguaje, lulo, cocona, pitahaya and carambola.

South America was the main destination (31.8% of the total), followed by North America (24%), Europe (21.6%), Central America (10.1%), Oceania (6.8%), Asia (5.5%) and Africa (0.01%). At the country level, Chile lead the way (US$3.8 million), followed by the United States and Puerto Rico.

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