Peru’s agro exports up 10% despite drop in avocado shipments

Tue 06/09/2022 by Richard Wilkinson

Peru is truly turning into a powerhouse in the global agrifood market, with agricultural exports this year set to reach US$9.7 billion, an increase of almost 10% from last year, based on data from the Association of Agricultural Produces Guilds of Peru (AGAP). Gabriel Amaro, executive director of AGAP, reports that fruit and vegetable exports will rise from $4.97 billion last year to $5.4 billion this year. Grape and blueberry exports lead the way, both surpassing the $1 billion mark, with avocados not far behind, despite a slight fall this season.

Amaro blamed the “very low” prices for the drop in avocado exports. “It is trading in the world at less than $2 during this period. This has made it so many of the offers made cannot be sent,” he said.

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