Peru’s agro-exports grow by 9.7% in first quarter

Wed 17/05/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

Peruvian agricultural exports with added value in the first 3 months of the year climbed 9.7% to close to US$2.16bn compared to the same period last year, according to the Association of Exporters (ADEX). Grape exports (FOB) were the largest in value (US$704 million (+26.9%)), followed by mangoes (-2.9%), blueberries (+24.8%) and avocados (+40%).

Out of a total of 119 markets, the US (US$ 767.6m) ranked first with an increase of 12.9%. Others were the Netherlands (US$307.4m (+4.2%), Mexico (+63.8%), Spain (+9.7%) and China (+8.8%). Ecuador, Chile, Hong Kong, Colombia and Canada completed the top ten.

ADEX manager Claudia Solano Oré said that the institution continues adding efforts to diversify the offer and markets: “We are working on various fronts, one of which is strengthening the capacities of the various members of the chains. For this reason, we organise events such as the Agro-export Lunch, the Capsisum convention and soon, in alliance with the company Elisur, the ‘Ginger Week 2023’, aimed at kion and turmeric producers. It will be on May 31, June 1 and 2 in Pichanaki, Junín.”

ADEX is also working with the National Agricultural Health Service (Senasa) to identify the products with the greatest potential and to prioritise negotiations with other countries, as is the case with grape exports to Japan, which has recently led to a breakthrough.


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