Pakistan and Australia consent to relax trade rules

Wed 24/11/2021 by Richard Wilkinson
Map of the world with Pakistan and Australia highlighted.

Pakistan and Australia have agreed to work towards relaxing trade regulations for importing and exporting fruits and agricultural products. This was the outcome of a recent meeting in Islamabad between Minister for National Food Security and Research Syed Fakhar Imam and Australian Trade Commissioner in Pakistan John Cavanaghon.

Imam said Pakistan has limited exports to Australia in terms of mangoes and citrus fruits due to strict regulations of the National Plant Protection Organisation of Australia. The export of mangoes to Australia has increased from two tons in 2013 to 75 tons in 2021, but there is potential to significantly increase this level.

With respect to citrus fruits, the two countries agreed to work together in eradicating the citrus canker disease in order to increase citrus export to Australia. The minister informed the Australian trade commissioner that the export of citrus fruit from Pakistan has increased from 350,000 tons to approximately 460,000 tons in just one year. Moreover, the export of mangoes has increased from 110,000 tons to 142,000 tons in the last year. Pakistan has huge export potential in terms vegetables and fruits such as mango, citrus fruits and apple cherries.

Meanwhile, Australia is to provide Pakistan with technical and agricultural training.

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