ORRI enjoys strong growth

Thu 12/01/2023 by Belén Barbini
Orri mandarins are set to reach the shelves of 8,000 sales outlets this season.

The Orri mandarin is generating ever more expectations and demand. In the 2021/22 campaign, Orri set a production record with a crop that was 25% larger than in the previous year. Despite the complicated situation, due to the general rise in production of second-season mandarins and the abundant rains in March (which caused a drop in prices), the price of Orri mandarins once again remained 40% higher on average than that of other varieties. The Orri Running Committee (ORC), as part of its constant support for farmers and greengrocers, will kick off its spectacular 2022/23 promotional campaign with a focus on the end consumer. Through increased presence in greengrocers and supermarkets, the Orri mandarin is expected to reach the shelves of over 8,000 sales outlets this coming season, where they will feature a fresh image to promote their exceptional flavour.

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