Origine Group records 80% increase in sales of Italian kiwi

“A satisfactory and successful Fruit Logistica”: that is the positive assessment of Alessandro Zampagna, managing director of Origine Group, the consortium of 9 leading Italian and Chilean companies.
Mon 24/02/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
Origine Group records 80% increase in sales of Italian kiwi

“The absence of the Chinese and a few cancellations had no visible influence,” said Zampagna. “There were many visitors and all our meetings were confirmed.” There is growing interest in the activity of Origine Group, which promotes its members’ fruits in overseas markets.

“Despite the smaller Italian kiwi crop, our sales are going very well,” said Zampagna. “From October to the 31 December we shipped 80% more kiwis compared to the previous season, a trend that was confirmed in January. We have shipped more than 1,800 tons of Italian kiwis in the first half of the season, and we hope to go on until the end of March with these numbers.”

Particular success was recorded in the Americas, with Mexico opening to Italian kiwis this year, as well as in the Far East, although the Coronavirus has changed the situation somewhat in these markets.

“The Coronavirus has certainly had a terrible impact on the Chinese market, which is practically stuck, while other Asian markets have seen no negative impacts whatsoever. Fortunately, we have a limited stock in China and the containers afloat can be redirected if necessary. Nonetheless, we hope that it will be not necessary and that the situation in China will soon be back to normal,” said Zampagna.

In the Asian markets, Origine Group continues to market its high-quality brand Sweeki, which is present in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and South Korea.




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