Organics, from niche to mainstream

The sale of organic fruit and vegetables continues to increase, with exotics, prepared salads and convenience products dominating sales in this sector.
Mon 30/01/2023 by Gloria Zorrilla and Amanda Cardinal
Fairtrasa's chief commercial officer Franklin Ginus at Fruit Attraction
Tania López Carmona, director of marketing and communication and board member at Grupo La Caña
Grupo La Caña has expanded its convenience range with single-portion formats.
La Grama's marketing team at their stand at Fruit Logistica
Julio Gonzalez, commercial manager at Toledano Hortícola Bio
Grupo La Caña presents new single-portion products

With demand for organic products continuing to grow, the Granada company expects to exceed last year’s organic crop to reach 33 million kg. In addition, “Caña Nature, the convenience range of Grupo La Caña, is expanding its portfolio of products made using avocado pulp and Mexican sauce, as well as with new launches of new single-portion formats for grated tomato and avocado that offer the same benefits as the tubs we currently sell in supermarkets and specialised stores,” said Tania López Carmona, director of marketing and communication.

Toledano Hortícola Bio, 100 ha of own organic production

In 2018, four young professionals from Almería set up a farm to practise 100% organic and sustainable production. “We unite tradition with new techniques and we comply with European quality and food safety certification. Together with a 100% effective traceability system, this makes Toledano Hortícola Bio products safe and trustworthy,” said commercial manager Julio González. The firm has recently purchased a warehouse in Adra for exporting cucumbers, peppers, aubergines, courgettes and tomatoes across Europe. “There is great demand and expectations are high. We have 100 ha of our own production to guarantee consumers that we control the entire process,” said González.

Fairtrasa, regenerative agriculture to be carbon negative

Fairtrasa is a fairtrade and 100% organic enterprise that started out 18 years ago. Over the years, the firm has grown into a global fresh group with a turnover of US$95 million last year. Fairtrasa is also helping small growers enter the European market. In addition, thanks to its fair trade policy, the company has won the “Social Entrepreneur of the Year” award four times. Fairtrasa is now focused on improving production by practising regenerative biodynamic agriculture, setting the goal of being carbon negative by 2030 by measuring all carbon emissions across its production chain. The firm works in the Dominican Republic with bananas and in Peru with mango, avocado and ginger. These four products now account for 80% of total turnover. The company’s range includes 17 different products, such as apples, turmeric, coconuts and grapefruit from Mexico.

La Grama, 300 producers and 100% organic

Around 17 years ago, La Grama was set up by three partners to export organic products from small Peruvian farmers with high environmental standards. Today, the firm brings together 300 producers who grow about 500 ha of ginger and turmeric in Peru, producing about 4.8 million kg per year. Its Peruvian ginger is highly appreciated in international markets because of its differential qualities: it is smaller, has a higher concentration of curcumin, is more yellow in colour and has a more intense and spicy flavour. La Grama’s products are exported from Peru by ship to the US, Canada and Europe.


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