Melon de Autor, offers premium melon all year round

Mon 30/05/2022 by Gloria Zorrilla
Eurofresh Distribution

The Melon de Autor group is a team of professionals who are passionate about offering premium melons all year round.

“In the premium segment, we have the Le Petit Autor brands, a small melon, and the Sandía Foodie brand,” said marketing manager Jordi Valle.

The Melón de Autor label guarantees a melon that meets all the characteristics of a premium product. The group’s main objective is to guarantee superior quality and an exquisite palate experience throughout the year. Most of its fruits are produced in Spain, but during certain times of the year, these are supplemented by fruits from plantations in Brazil and Senegal.

“This campaign, we are very proud to be the first company in Brazil to receive the Zero Pesticide Residue certificate in melons,” said Valle.

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