Numerous challenges for Russian market of fruit and vegetables

Thu 10/03/2022 by Natalia Bamatova

The rate of foreign currency in Russia has been escalating dramatically; for example, the cost of one euro has increased by 50 % within a week. The shortage of certain products will be one of the outcomes of sanctions against the country. In the midst of the challenging situation, Russian government tries to adopt some measures aiming to moderate the consequences of the deterioration of economic situation for Russian consumers. Thus, Rosselkhoznadzor, the body authorising and forbidding the import of fruit and vegetables on the ground of phyto-sanitarian criteria, authorised the importations of tomatoes and sweet pepper from Turkey, Belarus and some other countries; pears from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and stone fruit from Moldova and Serbia.

Meanwhile, some international shipping companies refuse to ship goods to Russia, which will result into shortage of fruit and vegetables. For example, half of bananas were shipped to Russia by Maersk. Therefore, consumer prices will boost not only due to the plummet of local currency.

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