NOVO-PACK™, a Polish solution to reduced-weight packaging

Mon 18/05/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
NOVO-PACK™, a Polish solution to reduced-weight packaging

Famag was established in 1992 as a family company specialising in trading in packaging. Market transformations, acquired knowledge, and extensive experience prompted Famag to produce its own packaging. Recently, Famag has created a reduced-weight NOVO-PACK™. It is a special mesh packaging for fruit and vegetables to address the changing preferences in the market. It was made possible by investing in research and technology.

“Unit packaging will be getting smaller due to the demographics, the economy, and the variety of choice,” said Grzegorz Karaś, export manager at Famag.

The company is now moving forward in producing active packaging that focuses on creating innovative and environmentally friendly alternatives.

“This packaging has the ability to monitor specific parameters to slow down product spoilage,” said Karaś. The active packaging can extend the freshness of goods. This proves to be beneficial as extending the product life on the shelf is a priority for supermarkets to ensure the freshest products for their customers. “This allows customers to trust the brands we work with. We can do something not only for consumers but also to reduce the amount of food thrown away,” said Karaś.

The packaging industry is a very dynamic sector. Despite this, Famag has maintained a strong and stable position in the Polish market.

“We listen to the needs of the market and our customers, and adapt the offer to the changing requirements,” added Karaś.

Famag specialises in the production of packaging for fruits and vegetables. The company exports to Russia, the European Union, South America, South Africa and the Middle East. It uses high-quality PE film welding machines and various types of nets.

For inquiries: Grzegorz Karaś, FAMAG:

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