Normec Foodcare to host mini symposium on bean quality 

Wed 02/02/2022 by Richard Wilkinson

A mini symposium on bean quality is to be held by Normec Foodcare on February 18th  from 3-4.30pm in English. The event targets quality managers, quality inspectors, category managers, buyers and growers.

Beans are an important part of the vegetable category. Consumers have high expectations of bean quality, but the challenges of Green Beans, Sugar Snaps, Mangetout and Runner Beans are divers and rarely discussed. With the choices we make in quality we have an impact on the lives of millions of consumers. Every step in the supply chain has unique challenges and offers opportunities to positively affect quality and consumer satisfaction. 

Participation is free. The mini-symposium will be given in English on Friday, 18 February, CET.


  • Diseases and Disorders
  • Quality Standards
  • Residue Analysis
  • Quality in the Supermarket
  • Consumer
  • Future


  • Peter van der Veeken – Normec Foodcare
  • Michel Witmer – Groen Agro Control
  • Karin Gorree – Normec Foodcare
  • Jelger de Vriend – Groen Agro Control

Register for free here 

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