Nicolaï Fruit & Vegetables invests in internal improvements

Fri 27/05/2022 by Amanda Cardinal
© Nicolai Fruit & Vegetables

The firm has been expanding its range of products and services to deal with the common challenges of controlling the increasing costs, such as by offering sweeter blackberries. “Our test project was extremely successful. We also have new raspberries and tomatoes with a very high brix level,” said CEO Joan Degendt. This year, the firm has fewer varieties of apples and pears as the production cycle is slower. Nicolaï remains mostly active in the domestic Belgium market, where it supplies to several retail chains. Despite Brexit, the company is still active in the UK, as well as in Scandinavia, where growth continues to be strong.
To continue improving, the firm has invested in the building of a new warehouse with solar roofing that can cover 80% of its electricity use. To minimise waste, Nicolaï is using IFCO durable packaging, recycled plastic and cardboard. 

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