New Zealand Rockit® apple exports to China grow by 45%

Mon 29/11/2021 by Richard Wilkinson
Rockit apples in a packaging.

Chinese consumers can’t get enough of New Zealand apples. Sales of New Zealand Rockit™ apples in the Chinese market are up 45% compared to last year, despite the ongoing pandemic and the global distribution crisis. 

Market manager Dai Yue said:

“Produced in New Zealand, the greatest competitive advantage of Rockit™ apples in my opinion is their uniqueness, and product quality. The result of twenty years of technological research and innovation by the New Zealand Food and Plant Research, this apple variety is very crisp, which suits the taste of most consumers, and the apple core is rather small, which means there is more fruit flesh to enjoy. Moreover, the Rockit™ apple variety does not require peeling, and the overall flavour is sweet.”

The price of Rockit™ apples remained stable throughout the pandemic, despite a global distribution crisis, with Chinese market demand continuing to grow.

“In most cases importers pay for the additional cost of the rising shipping price, but in our case, we carry that cost,” said Dai.

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