New International Fresh Produce Association vows not to be bound by legacy thinking

Mon 15/11/2021 by Richard Wilkinson

The United Fresh Produce Association and the Produce Marketing Association will merge to form a new group in January 2022: the International Fresh Produce Association. Leaders of the International Fresh Produce Association have vowed to honour the legacies of PMA and United Fresh but won’t be bound by “legacy thinking.” 

“We are excited about building this organization, building tomorrow’s association, to address tomorrow’s challenges,” said PMA CEO Burns. The executive committee for the new organisation comprises: 

  • Chairman: Bruce Taylor, CEO, Taylor Farms;
  • Chairwoman-elect: Laura Himes, DMM produce, Walmart;
  • Secretary-treasurer: Patrick Vizzone, head of food, beverage & agribusiness, ANZ Banking;
  • Past chairmen: Danny Dumas, president of Courchesne Larose USA Inc. and Dwight Ferguson, president and CEO of California Agricultural Leadership Foundation; and 
  • Foundation chairwoman: Martha Hilton, VP produce and floral merchandising, Wegman’s.

Bruce Taylor, chairman of the new organisation and CEO of Taylor Farms, said he was humbled and excited to work with the board of directors as the group delivers against the seven strategic priorities of the association.

Those priorities are to:

  • Serve all sectors of the global fresh produce and floral supply chains, growing global membership and participation.
  • Provide expertise and business solutions in food safety, new technology, supply chain management, sustainability, leadership and talent development, business operations, marketing and more.
  • Conduct government advocacy and leadership to build and maintain a positive business climate in the U.S. and the North American market.
  • Bring all sectors of a diverse supply chain together to better understand interconnections and support efficiency and profitability throughout the chain.
  • Engage with global bodies and allied organizations to promote free and fair trade, international harmonisation of standards, and worldwide growth in consumption.
  • Enhance business-to-business sales and marketing connections across the produce and floral supply chains.
  • Demand creation to inspire consumers to embrace produce and floral products as essential parts of their lives, while increasing profitable sales of members’ products.


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