New GGN label launched at Spanish retailer Eroski

The consumer label makes responsible farming visible in stores
Mon 09/05/2022 by Pierre Escodo

The GGN label, GLOBALG.A.P.’s consumer-facing initiative, is being launched in the fruit and vegetable segment of Spanish retailer Eroski. Under the Eroski Natur brand, the retailer will become the first to offer the combination of GGN labelled fruit and vegetables and aquaculture products under one roof. The label will be rolled out in stores across the country from March.

Momentum grows across Europe

The new-look cross-category GGN label for certified aquaculture, flowers and ornamentals, and fruit and vegetables was launched in 2021 and continues to grow across Europe. In 2018, Eroski became the first retailer in Spain to join the GGN label initiative, and this year, another milestone will be achieved when it becomes the first retailer to adopt the new cross-category GGN label for both aquaculture and fruit and vegetables. The new-look label has also been welcomed across different categories elsewhere in Europe, with retailers in Germany and the UK now offering labelled aquaculture as well as flowers and ornamentals products in stores.

Eroski pioneers GGN product labelling

Since 2018, Eroski has offered GGN labelled products at its fresh fish counter. In 2020, the retailer labelled 1,000 tons of produce from 16 species – including meagre, seabream, seabass, turbot and shrimps – with the volume rising to 1,460 tons in 2021.

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