New commercial director of Grupo G’s España presents company’s latest products at Fruit Logistica 2018

Mon 26/02/2018 by Richard Wilkinson

At Fruit Logistica, Grupo G’s España revealed the strategic lines the company is currently working on to reach the world’s markets in 2018. The information was disclosed by the recently-appointed commercial director, Rafael Soto Saura, who has taken over the position after two years in charge of the sales department for Spain.

“This is an exciting project that poses some big challenges, but I have a really great team behind me. Grupo G’s is a benchmark in its sector thanks to its outstanding customer-orientation, its constant innovation in products and processes, and its tremendous capacity. In the sales department we believe very strongly in the importance of going that one step further and showing our clients the international potential we have at G’s,” said Soto Saura.

The British multinational with a head office in Murcia is already an established leader in the production and marketing of fresh fruit and vegetables, delivering a continuous supply to European markets all year round. However, as a further step in the company’s international expansion made possible by improvements to its logistics network, Soto Saura says that in 2018 we will see the arrival of G’s in new markets thanks to the company’s concerted efforts to expand beyond Europe to become a global supplier of fresh produce.

“We are conducting market research in various destinations in the Americas and the Middle East to ensure the continuity of our supply lines,” said Soto Saura.

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