New Chilean Organic Producers Cooperative: Organicoop

Wed 09/12/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
New Chilean Organic Producers Cooperative: Organicoop

At its General Constitutive Meeting last week, the Organic Producers Cooperative of Chile, Organicoop, was founded in Curicó. The entity is made up of the companies AFE Orgánico, Agrícola y Forestal El Yacal, Agrícola y Comercial Asturias, Agrícola Santa Isabel de Cato (ASICSA), Exportadora Frutifor, Exportadora Curicó and the Agroecology R&D Center, which produce apples, pears, blueberries, as well as other products under organic certification in Maule and Ñuble.

Organicoop’s mission is to become recognised as the most reputable producer and supplier cooperative of organic products in Chile, offering products of exceptional quality and value that reflect the organic management of its processes.

Its code is based on principles such as recycling, functional diversification, resilience, self-management, cooperation, and balanced biotic regulation, among others.

“These are ideas that forge a way of thinking, beyond the mere replacement of synthetic inputs by authorised inputs, which is common to national ecological ventures, which pursue more the premium price of differentiated organic sales, than the real sense of produce holistically,” said a statement by Organicoop.

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