New banana variety with TR4 Panama disease resistance

Mon 17/10/2022 by Richard Wilkinson
Cavendish banana resistent to TR4 developped by Rahan Meristem in partnership with Banarica Colombia. Copyright: Rahan Meristem/Wageningen University.
A field trial of the new variety in a heavily infected soils by TR4 in the Philippines

A new variety of Cavendish banana with complete TR4 Panama disease resistance will be commercially available from early 2024. The variety has been developed by Israel-based company Rahan Meristem in partnership with Banarica Colombia. The new Cavendish cultivar shows an increase in banana production, early flowering and improved plant architecture. The new variety is the result of over 7 years of scientific work and trials in Israel, the Netherlands and the Philippines, and does not involve genetic engineering.

Ron Diner, CEO of Rahan, said: 

TR4 strain of Panama disease is the primary focus of research in the banana industry. The fact that our technology can benefit the banana industry in a variety of ways is a positive step toward ultimate commercialisation. We are now working with our partners at Rahan to salvage the Cavendish banana.

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