Neighbourhood supermarkets continue to grow in Spain

Thu 21/07/2022 by Richard Wilkinson

ASEDAS, the Spanish Association of Distributors and Supermarkets presented a Report on Proximity Food Distribution in Spain, which highlighted the strength of local neighbourhood supermarkets. There are now 25,100 such outlets across the country, according to the First Report on Proximity Food Distribution in Spain, reaching up to 96.6% of the population.

The Secretary of State for Commerce has launched an aid package within the Recovery Plan putting aside €415 million for the modernisation and sustainability of the sector. The incorporation of new technologies is aimed at allowing local commerce SMEs, individually or through their associations, to respond to new consumption habits.

Ignacio García Magarzo, general director of ASEDAS, said: “The great value of a network of local establishments such as the one we have in Spain is that it constitutes a factor of territorial balance and a guarantee of access to all kinds of food and mass consumption products to consumers, wherever they live. The companies that operate these establishments have guaranteed supply in all the municipalities of Spain during the pandemic.”


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